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UXTalk - "UX really different for VR and AR?"

Speakers -
Rahul Deshpande - CEO at Ethosh

- 6th December  700PM IST.

Rahul Deshpande - CEO at EthoshFounded by two seasoned professionals, Ethosh was incorporated on December 01, 2011 as a digital experience & virtual reality services company to help organizations create lasting brand impressions and build deeper customer relationships across their customers’ journey.

Starting from humble beginnings out of a small 350 sqft office in Pune, India, Ethosh today has grown into a 75 people strong organization – with clients across USA, UK, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Australia, and India.

Talk Synopsis : - What is AR and VR - how UX is going to play key role in the design development of products using this techinologies. Also we will explore importance of UX - Research and UX Methodoilogies UX Professionls need follow while designing for such futuristic techinlogies; and what is Future about this in AR / VR Fields.


Hosted By :
UXTalks - Mr.Tushar, CEO UXExpert, Dir. UXUITraining Lab Pvt. Ltd. . Having 20+ Years of Industry Experience. now completed 7+ years during this he has launched various services in UX - UXResearch, UXUIHiring, UXTalks, UXTools, Tushar is also advisor in various companies and work as a consultant for various size corporate.


UXTalks are Live on WebEx - You will receive WebEX meeting Details on email soon..

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